Meet The Cinderblock Sharks

Over the course of 2022, I’ve stumbled upon great humans who are connected to great other humans and so on.

I met David Sahl of Pale Norse earlier this this year (along with his fabulous wife, badass Native American artist J. White) and we immediately meshed. I took photos at a Pale Norse and the Local Support gig in September and Sahl told me he was recording for The White Wall Sessions a couple days later with a new experimental band, The Cinderblock Sharks. He suggested I come, take some pics and hang out.

“Some of these songs are only a week old,” he said to the live audience at Last Stop Studios. But you would’ve never known. The veteran musicians Sahl gathered from local bands could’ve been playing together for years for all anyone knew.

I was so blown away by all the performances that at times I almost forgot I had a camera in my hand. Martin Dill’s incredible voice on “Ruby” sent chills through me and my camera.

If this group goes on tour, I hope they’ll let me tag along to record history.

Photos by Sonja O’Steen/O’Steen Photography 2022 © All Rights Reserved.

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